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Antiparos – Pounta channel swimming race, 2017 – New Date: July 13th

The Antiparos – Pounta channel swimming race is has new date: July 13th

10ος Κολυμβητικός διάπλους καναλιού Πάρου Αντιπάρου 2017

Antiparos – Pounta channel swimming, 2017

The date of the Antiparos – Pounta channel crossing is on 13.07.17 and starts at 18.30 from the pier of the ferry boat in Punta (Paros) and terminates at the port of Antiparos in front of the cafes.

The distance is 1.453m.

This year the athletes will be divided into two groups: the first group will have electronic timing (chip) with cost of 10 euro participation and optionally t-shirt at an additional 5 euros and in the 2nd group there will be no timing at a cost of 10 euros with t-shirt.

Right to participate in the two groups will have ages 10-60 years old.

The first group will not permitted to have life jackets, flippers, masks, snorkels and coils.Only goggles and caps are allowed.

The second group will be open class and athletes can use swimming equipment.

All athletes should fill the participation – responsibility statement form (pdf attached).

The registrations for the first group with electronic timing (chip) will be made until 06/07/17. Please fill the participation – responsibility statement form (pdf attached).

For the second group will be in Punta and in Antiparos from 16:00-18:00 pm.

The receipt of electronic chips in the first group will be held only in Punta two hours before the race, at the time the payment is made.

Commemorative medals will be given to all athletes. In the first group, cups will be awarded to the first 3 men, 3 women first, the smallest and the greatest athlete.

For the second group, cups will be awarded to the first 3 athletes.

More info at 6974485675 Yiannis Faroupos




Δραστηριότητες Ναυτικού Ομίλου Αντιπάρου 2017